"McNamara provides a practical roadmap that both inspires and instructs on how to liberate our true greatness."

- Rand Stagen, Founder, Stagen Leadership Academy

Why do we struggle with the same workplace issues over and over?

Because we aren't dealing with the root cause of the issues.

Rob McNamara's free high-performance coaching targets the source of common challenges that create obstacles to professional growth.

  • Get insight about how each stage of adulthood influences the workplace
  • Deal with the root cause of professional overwhelm
  • Stop being susceptible to daily distractions
  • Minimize the impact of difficult people on your state of mind
  • Assert yourself with your skill and sensitivity
  • Clarify your personal mission for greater influence

This 7-part audio coaching program includes over 2 hours of professional coaching + practice instruction delivered to your inbox every few days.

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About Rob McNamara

Rob McNamara is a leading expert on adult development and human performance. He is a Leadership Coach, the author of The Elegant Self, and has recently served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University. McNamara works with executives, professionals, and Olympic and professional world champion athletes through his private coaching practice.

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