What is

Developmental Coaching?

Mastering human transformation for greater coaching impact

As experienced coaches, most of us are familiar with the leading research on adult development. And nearly every one of us believes—or would like to ensure—that our coaching interventions support our clients to develop and expand their well-being.

But coaching that supports vertical development and supports well-being differs in several key ways from lateral coaching, aka flatland coaching.

This webinar is for
coaches who want:

  • To support long term, "historic" changes in their clients
  • To differentiate themselves in today's rapidly growing coaching marketplace
  • To understand how their own development influences their coaching
  • To know how to respond when clients hit plateaus

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What is Developmental Coaching?

Mastering human transformation for greater coaching impact

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Praise for Rob’s Teaching

  • Knowledge of adult development is a game changer for me in many therapy and coaching sessions. I highly recommend this course to get a practical understanding of the underlying issues most adults struggle with.

    – Werner Pitzal, psychotherapist, business coach

  • Rob McNamara has a beautiful expression for a form of leadership that is conscientious and transformative. He teaches that our role as leaders is to declare what must be better and to fully use our influence to make it so.

    – Jean Ogilvie, Coach and OD Consultant

  • It surpassed my expectations, which were high. Exquisitely done. A world-class course. In a word, elegant!

    – Anonymous

  • I would encourage coaches to take a listen, to lay this next to their current interpretation of coaching development and listen for the clues for their own opportunities to add perspective.

    – Vic Okerlund, leadership development coach

About Rob McNamara

Rob McNamara is a leading expert on adult development and human performance. He is a Leadership Coach, the author of two books, Strength to Awaken and The Elegant Self, and has recently served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University. McNamara works with executives, professionals, and Olympic and professional world champion athletes through his private coaching practice.