Mind the Gap: Your Personalized Project Completion Lab


Introducing a dynamic new 9-month coaching program from acclaimed life coach and personal transformation expert, Dr. Cindy Lou Golin.

Do you have a heartfelt project you are longing to complete but keep putting off?

With Mind the Gap you can experience the structure and support you need to manifest your project and become more You in the process.

There’s a “gap” between where your project is today, and your vision of where you want it to be.

You can mind (and mine) this gap in a community of support, with the guidance of an expert, as you manifest your vision, achieve your goals, and experience growth in the process.

Mind The Gap

Your project can be anything…experiencing your ideal relationship, completing a book, a new workshop, building a business, getting married, writing a screenplay, learning to tango—the sky’s the limit!

The “gap” is a gold mine of learning, expansion, insight, liberation and growth. In this customized program, you will learn new ways to relate to outer obstacles and inner resistance. You’ll work towards project completion in a way that works (and plays!) for you.

What is your dream project? Are you ready to say “Yes?”

“Mind the Gap” brings together key elements of personal coaching, individual practice, peer support, frequent live discussion and an action-inquiry methodology to provide you with the skills, supports and momentum you need to complete your project—and grow in the process.

Join Dr. Cindy Lou Golin for this collaborative learning lab where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete a heartfelt project.

  • Design an effective, customized project completion plan that fits with and enhances your lifestyle.

  • Actively take steps towards project completion.

  • Be cheered on and supported in a collaborative learning environment.

  • Learn fun and effective ways to relate to obstacles, resistance, and shadow as it arises.

  • Supportively (even gently) accomplish your heartfelt dream.

  • Be encouraged to express even more of who you truly are.

  • Learn tools and techniques for visioning and project completion to support you now and in the future.

About Dr. Cindy Lou Golin:

  • “Cindy Lou got me results faster than any other life coach I’ve seen… Besides being one of the most qualified life coaches in the industry, getting coaching from Cindy Lou was a fun and pleasurable experience. I highly recommend her.”

    James Roche

    “The Info Product Guy”, Marketing Consultant

  • “Cindy Lou Golin is a knowledgeable, insightful, and compassionate facilitator and coach… The breadth of her practice and understanding of all this makes her work with individuals and groups unique and powerful.”

    Sally Kempton

    Spiritual Teacher, Author, Columnist for Yoga Journal

  • “Dr. Cindy Lou Golin is the perfect combination of a deeply educated, highly trained teacher and a powerfully generous listener. Rare in this world. If you have a chance to work with her, do NOT pass that chance up.”

    – Steve Chandler, Author, Reinventing Yourself

  • “Dr. Cindy Lou Golin shares a wonderful combination of humor, authenticity, and depth… I recommend her highly as a coach for those seeking personal growth and transformation.”

    Ron Hulnick
    President, University of Santa Monica

  • “The opportunity to work with Cindy Lou Golin was exceptionally helpful on multiple levels. She was intuitively able to identify my essential needs and develop strategies that we individually tailored in ways that helped me to reach my fullest potential in my work in and in my relationships. After working with Cindy Lou, I feel that I now have an expanded vision for my life.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Simply having a commitment to complete your project is enough. And what’s more, you don’t have to know how you’re going to get there. Most of the time we don’t know how to “get there.” If you have a project that you’re interested in and you don’t know how to complete it, just having the willingness to commit to doing it anyway is all you need. It is amazing what shows up in the process. And, surprisingly it can be easy, it can be fun, and liberating!

Pretty much any kind of project you can imagine. It might be a business project, it might be writing a book, something oriented towards self-expression, or creativity. It could be something really personal and relationship oriented, or it could be related to financial goals. Having a new home, writing a screenplay—it really could be anything, and any kind of heartfelt project is welcome.

In addition to the time spent working directly on your project, approximately 90 minutes a week will be devoted to the program. Every other week there will be a 90-minute coaching call with Cindy Lou. And on the opposite weeks a small group meeting with your fellow participants. The amount of time you spend on doing your project will depend on you. For some people, 15 minutes a day works, and others might choose to spend more or less time depending on your project.

What’s unique about Mind the Gap is that it’s a customized way of really doing your project and having a support system and an accountability system to get it done. You will create a unique project completion map to support you in taking manageable steps toward completing your project. You’ll also receive direct coaching and support that’s focused on helping you work with the unique obstacles that come up for you. And then we’ll be supporting each other as a group, providing cheerleading, accountability and momentum as we go. The group’s collective commitment makes the process easier for everyone.

The main thing is that we come up with something customized that really works for you and your lifestyle. So, if you have family or full time work and things like that (which in the past you’ve seen as getting in the way of completing your project) we’ll work the project in a way that is in harmony with your life and with what is important to you. So you can work towards project completion while enjoying your quality of life.

This program is really for anyone who has a heartfelt dream for something they would like to complete—especially those who are having a challenge with completing their project. This program is also for you if you have a project that you’d really like to do, but just haven’t gotten started yet. You’re an ideal person for this program if you feel that you’re ready for sustainable change. Because this program isn’t a weekend workshop or a week-long incubator focused on inspiring and exciting people with new ideas. Those kinds of experiences are great, but what we’re focused on is creating ongoing change that will be sustained over time—so that you really reach the heartfelt goal you’re committed to.


If you have questions before you commit to the program, please contact Cindy Lou for a complimentary consultation.


*Please note: because this is an intimate group coaching program, program registration is capped at a maximum of 18 participants.

Mind the Gap

Join Dr. Cindy Lou Golin’s nine-month Project Completion Lab!

Program Dates will be determined for the next intake period when the group has formed. Contact us with your interest.

TUITION: $2,799* USD

This transformative project completion lab includes:

  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls with Dr. Golin
  • Bi-weekly peer group calls
  • A system of accountability to ensure you stay on target, on task, and effectively mind the gaps as you achieve your goal
  • Customized tools and structures
  • The use of action-inquiry learning methodology to unlock obstacles and accelerate momentum
  • Customized support and expert guidance from an acclaimed coach