Bringing Death Into Coaching

One of the core purposes of coaching is to help clarify people’s lives. How do we clarify life? By gaining vantage points on our lives. Death provides an unparalleled balcony from which to perceive the whole of your life in new ways.

Implicit in life is the denial of death. We deny death by projecting it out there, in time, and onto other people. In projecting our aliveness, we become less potent and vivid.

Proximity to death changes the way we engage, brings more clarity, and changes the way we enact what we do. These are all developmental changes. Yet we also must find the right proximity to death that wakes us up. When it gets too close it can disorganize us. Yet if it is too far away, our aliveness is compromised. As coaches we can learn to move this focal point back and forth with our clients.

You’re invited to experience this deep and poignant conversation.

Stop diminishing your aliveness.
Deepen your living relationship with death.
Use your relationship with death to enhance the value of your coaching.

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Rob McNamara is a leading expert on adult development and human performance, a developmental coach and consultant, and a faculty member with Ten Directions. Rob’s expertise includes the intersection of integral practice, adult development, human performance and integral strength training.

Through his private practice in Boulder, CO, he works with a broad range of clients including executives, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and athletes ranging from high school to Olympic and professional world champions. Rob received his Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Susquehanna University. His books include The Elegant Self and Strength to Awaken.

Coaches Praise Rob’s Advanced Trainings

Rob inspired me to step more fully into precisely who I am now, and coach from the immediacy of my own presence, and the shared presence with my client. I have been able to transcend rules about coaching that I didn’t know I was following. This has liberated a lot of freedom and creative energy in my work!

Shayla Wright

I so appreciate Rob as a powerful teacher, wisdom holder and guide. His passion and devotion to development is contagious!

Mari Kennedy

Rob McNamara is a master who has integrated a tremendous amount of knowledge and makes it applicable for the experienced coach. This work is essential for the complexities most business leaders face today!

Amy Pasquale

Great balance of theory, practice and experimentation. As a result of this course I have a felt sense of how developmental distinctions contribute to the coaching relationship. I have several heuristics to put into practice in my own growth and development process as well as in work contexts. And Rob’s coaching gave me a developmental reframe for an ongoing personal challenge.

Lisa Norton

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