Heartfelt Dreams as an Avenue for Personal Development

Cindy Lou Golin

Cindy Lou Golin

The Universe planted a dream in your heart, like a bread-crumb marking the path to your own growth and liberation. Whether your heartfelt dream is a red-convertible, writing a novel, or world peace (the sky is the limit!) you can leverage the energy of your desire to attain your dream AND propel your evolution.

Some of us may have learned that desires can be unhealthy or distracting, and many of us have experienced the upsets of becoming too attached. While there is wisdom in being unattached, there is also wisdom (and power!) in our innate tendency to attach, desire, or simply to want something.

Big or small, there is a gap between where you are now and what you want. The space between now and your heartfelt dreams is where the magic is! This is where the growth opportunities live. Navigating this gap is about breaking through obstacles (outer) and resistance (inner) and becoming more You in the process.

At times it may feel like fun and games, and at other times there might be more kicking and screaming. It’s a hero’s journey. Keep taking steps forward (even just small steps), navigate what arises in the gap, and you will experience your heartfelt dreams and accelerate your development in the process.

In a way, your heartfelt dream is like the carrot drawing the horse. Let it entice you, guide you, and inspire you to greater growth and greater fulfillment.

Practice suggestion (allow 15 minutes):

1. Clarify your Heartfelt Dream – Close your eyes, relax and allow yourself to travel to a future place in time, a time in which all of your heartfelt dreams have manifested. Allow your body, mind, heart and soul to feel this sensation, to embody the energy. What does it feel like in your heart? After you really feel into the energy of it, look around in your mind’s eye and notice some of the details. What is your life like? Who’s around? What are you doing? What are you like in this future place in time? What do you notice?

2. Journal any clarity you experienced about your heartfelt dreams. Select just one dream that you’d like to move forward with manifesting. Write one sentence that captures this heartfelt dream, as though it’s happening now. For example, “I am driving down the coast in my new convertible, singing, wind blowing through my hair…” or, “I am celebrating my authentic expression and I’m so delighted to have my new novel on the best-seller list!” Use enthusiastic language that connects you with the energy of the experience.

3. In the next 24 hours, take one outer action step (no matter how small) towards your heartfelt dream.

4. Tomorrow, repeat #3.

Inwardly holding the energy and vision of your heartfelt dream is powerful in and of itself. Add the outer action steps to get behind it and you will close the gap. If you take steps towards your heartfelt dream, it will step towards you as well.

Please share your heartfelt dream and action step in the comments section. I’d love to hear where you’re headed.

Dr. Cindy Lou Golin
Integral Facilitator Coach & Program Faculty

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4 thoughts on “Heartfelt Dreams as an Avenue for Personal Development”

  1. Avatar

    I have just finished reading “The answer to How is Yes” by Peter Block and the theme of realizing the heart’s desire is fresh with me. He calls upon idealism to go beyond what is merely practical and to believe in something deeper than what is immediate. I like how this post connects with this view.
    In the gap between the now and the future dream, the magic indeed lies but time also stretches out and the vision might lose power and freshness in some essential way. I recently realized that I don’t really believe in the “dream” deep in my “guts”. Allowing myself to travel to that future state seems a great way to renew the belief and the commitment – I look forward taking some reflection time to do this exercise.
    Thank you

    1. Avatar

      Maryse, Thanks for your comment. Wonderful that this theme is present for you. And I like how you describe the gap, feels like slow motion. : ) And “traveling to the future state seems a great way to renew belief and energize the commitment” – Yes! And to take it a little further, it is something we can do regularly… as a way to fuel next steps (keep us inspired and enthused) but also as a way get the ego familiar with our vision/dream. The ego is a part of our personality that is oriented towards comfort (and our current/previous ways of being) so connecting in with our vision regularly is a great way to get the ego used to our new comfort zone. (trains the ego to be familiar with it)… So it will be more cooperative, which makes the process much easier.

  2. Avatar

    Thank you for this reminder, it came precisely when I have been needing this boost. My heartfelt dream is perhaps pretty big and complex, so I’ll try to put the concise version here. I am married to the love of my life (who I’ve been separated from for almost 3 years), and we are both flourishing in our own paths as well as unfolding deeper and deeper layers of intimacy and love in all forms. I am growing with an international development organization that utilizes north american volunteers to learn from and implement integral international development projects all over South America and Africa. Interns from these countries also come to the US to share their skills and culture, and learn. All participants are engaged in a Global Leadership Development Program, where each is invited (through integral principles and techniques) to become the most complete [“Unique”] selves that they can. This program inspires global and integral citizenship. I am grounded, vibrant and happy, and spread this state to everyone I meet.
    The gap between now and this heartfelt dream feels incredibly large and painful at times, whereas other times I feel like I am moving at a perfect pace…

    1. Avatar

      David, So good to read your post (sorry i am just getting it today.)… wow, so good to hear about your heartfelt dream! …. wonderful that you are clear about the outer expression of it as well as the inner (grounded, happy, vibrant…). I sense one of your greatest allies to support you in navigating the gap is your own enthusiasm. My sense is that is a great resource for you in times of challenge. … And in that place of enthusiasm, focusing on your one next step (your ‘perfect pace’)…. I’m holding the vision of your heartfelt dream with you (what a beautiful offering)… it’s inspiring to hear how you are expanding and sharing your gifts in the world!

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