Commanding Influence

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Your Development for Greater Mastery at Work

All of us—no matter where we are in our careers, what size organization we’re in, and regardless of whether we’re at the top or the bottom of the hierarchy—are being shaped by the struggles of adult development.

These struggles include:

  • Feeling unfulfilled in your work.
  • Feeling anxious about how you are being perceived by others.
  • Being overcome with doubt about “putting yourself out there.”
  • Feeling torn between competing expectations.
  • Experiencing powerlessness around critical professional relationships.
  • Feeling frustrated because you don’t have the impact you desire.
  • Yearning to find or pursue your vocational purpose.

How can you support and accelerate your own development?

As an Adaptive Learning Experience, this curriculum will change the structure of your thinking. You will increase the scope of what you can see, refine the quality of how you respond, and broaden what you can influence.

As Commanding Influence facilitates your development, you will respond to the challenges and opportunities around you with greater mastery.

You’ll notice changes in how well you:

  • Skillfully manage key relationships.
  • Respond with more insight and adaptability to complex challenges.
  • Express who you really are with confidence.
  • See more options and know how to take decisive action.
  • Create nimble solutions that move you and your organization forward.
  • Have more freedom in your professional life.
  • Differentiate yourself with authority when it matters most.
  • Command more influence and make a more significant impact.

Praise for McNamara’s work

  • “Rob McNamara presents the material of adult development so very clearly and highlights why it is so important for us citizens of this world to continue to develop. Without deep insights into this process it is difficult to navigate. Rob is a great teacher! I highly recommend this course.”

    Annette McCall, Family Physician

  • “Rob McNamara has a beautiful expression for a form of leadership that is conscientious and transformative. He teaches that our role as leaders is to declare what must be better and to fully use our influence to make it so. Further, he provides solid practices to support this goal.”

    Jean Ogilvie, Coach and OD Consultant

  • “Knowledge of adult development is a game changer for me in many therapy and coaching sessions. I highly recommend this course to get a practical understanding of the underlying issues most adults struggle with.”

    Werner Pitzal, Psychotherapist, Business Coach

  • “I would encourage coaches to take a listen, to lay this next to their current interpretation of coaching development and listen for the clues for their own opportunities to add perspective.”

    Vic Okerlund, Leadership Development Coach

  • “Masterful in his exposition of leading developmental psychologists Robert Kegan and Susanne Cook-Greuter’s work.”

    David McCallum, Executive Assistant to the President, Mission Integration and Development Le Moyne College

  • “Clear, lucid and powerful.”

    Ken Wilber,  Author and President, Integral Institute

  • “McNamara takes the reader on a journey of transformative adult development that’s compelling and insightful. This is brilliant, leading edge work that is a must-read for anyone interested in growth, leadership, or simply engaging consciously for greater fulfillment and a better world.”

    Jane Hustins, Fire Inside Leadership

  • “Profound wisdom, unique insights and gentle guidance.”

    Michael Schwartz, Professor, Georgia Regents University

  • “The Elegant Self is one of the most impactful and insightful books on adult development I have read in a long time.  This is a must read for anyone serious about supporting the development of others or advancing their own human journey.”

    Cathy Jacob, Fire Inside Leadership

  • “Rob’s works have become an integral part of my business and my personal life.”

    John Austin Foster, Life Warrior Coaching 

  • “McNamara provides a practical roadmap that both inspires and instructs on how to liberate our true greatness.”

    Rand Stagen, Founder, Stagen Leadership Academy

Over 6 hours of audio instruction and coaching with adult development expert and leadership coach Rob McNamara.

Commanding Influence is carefully divided into digestible 20 – 30 minute segments. Each segment unpacks a key feature of the developmental process and shows you what these transitions look like in your own day-to-day life. You’ll get clear tactical tools you can take into your life and begin applying immediately.

COURSE OUTLINE (Click to Expand)

Part I: Why Development Matters and What We Will Achieve Together
Part II: Guidelines for Listening
Part III: What Drives Development?
Part IV: How We Make Meaning
Part V: Learning the Four Movements of Development
Part VI:Accessing Greater Stability and Maturity

Part I: Leveraging the Socialized Mind
Part II: Stabilizing the Self-Authoring Mind

Part I: The 2 Types of Confidence
Part II: Ending Dependence
Part III: Strengthening Purpose-Driven Confidence

Part I: Broadening your Sphere of Influence
Part II: The Governance of Work
Part III: The Essence of Management

Part I: Insight & Responsiveness
Part II: Freedom
Part III: Command

Part I: Differentiate Yourself
Part II: Integrate

90-minute Q&A with Rob McNamara recorded live with Commanding Influence participants, covering:


  • Intentional vs. Active Development
  • Regression and Recession
  • Practices to support vertical development vs. those which support state changes
  • The difference between state practices that serve to reinforce the current developmental stage vs. those that support vertical development
  • Developmental perspectives on the meaning of “command”
  • The capabilities that emerge beyond Self-Authoring Mind


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Commanding Influence


Rob McNamara is a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University, a Leadership Coach and author of The Elegant Self. He is a leading expert on adult development and human performance, his coaching services help individuals increase their scope of influence where it matters most personally and professionally.






  • Immediate access to download the entire course and begin listening right away
  • 19 audio lessons — more than 6 hours of targeted instruction, coaching and practices
  • Comprehensive Downloadable Transcripts
  • Supplemental Practices
  • Bonus recording—A 90-minute Live Q&A with Rob McNamara
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  • Immediate access to download the entire course and begin listening right away
  • 19 audio lessons — more than 6 hours of targeted instruction, coaching and practices
  • Comprehensive Downloadable Transcripts
  • Supplemental Practices
  • Bonus recording—A 90-minute Live Q&A with Rob McNamara
Physical + Digital formats combined: $350