Developmental Coaching Mastermind Group

Rob McNamaraThe Developmental Coaching Mastermind Course is an intensive, live online practice-based advanced program created exclusively for professional coaches. This course is an application-driven deep dive into the heart of developmental coaching.


It will focus on:

  • What it means to coach developmentally.

  • How to employ Constructive Developmental Theory in your coaching interventions.

  • How your development as a coach interfaces and shapes your clients’ development.

  • How to ensure your coaching practice is catalytic for your own development and for your clients.

What to Expect

Over the course of 5 weeks, an intimate group (capped at 20 professional coaches) will engage in four 90-min live video sessions led by Rob McNamara. Each weekly session will be accompanied by targeted pre-work to be completed as preparation for the live session. These sessions will unfold in a progression which builds on a foundational understanding of Constructive Developmental Theory. Here is an overview of your weekly classes:

  • Week 1: The foundations and tools for developmental coaching using Constructive Developmental Theory.
  • Week 2: Identifying deep structures in your clients and making appropriate interventions.
  • Week 3: Retreat Week — Guided Meditation, turning inward to explore your developmental challenges.
  • Week 4: Your Developmental Challenges as a Coach.
  • Week 5: Crafting a Developmentally Catalytic Coaching Practice.

Weekly live classes with Rob will focus primarily on 1-1 engagement between Rob and each participant in the course, and include time for focused teaching and group discussion. Each week, you’ll come prepared to class with insights and questions generated by the pre-work. Everyone will have an opportunity to engage 1-1 with Rob to clarify your challenges and arrive at new coaching insights designed for you and your coaching.

Learning Outcomes

During the 5 week Developmental Coaching Mastermind Course, you can expect to:

  • Develop a robust understanding of Dr. Robert Kegan’s Constructive Developmental Theory as applied to Professional Coaching.
  • Learn how to make applied Content & Structure Distinctions with Self and Coaching Clients.
  • Learn how to use Stage Appropriate Coaching Frames & Interventions.
  • Learn how to distinguish between Intellectual Growth Narratives & Experiential Growth Narratives in coaching work.
  • Learn and refine the use of Interruptive & Joining Developmental Methods.
  • Develop an expanded coaching skill set.
  • Identify and Engage in your Coaching Blind Spots.

Praise for Rob’s Teaching:

  • “Rob McNamara presents the material of adult development so very clearly and highlights why it is so important for us citizens of this world to continue to develop. Without deep insights into this process it is difficult to navigate. Rob is a great teacher! I highly recommend this course.”

    Annette McCall, Family Physician

  • “Rob McNamara has a beautiful expression for a form of leadership that is conscientious and transformative. He teaches that our role as leaders is to declare what must be better and to fully use our influence to make it so. Further, he provides solid practices to support this goal.”

    Jean Ogilvie, Coach and OD Consultant

  • “Knowledge of adult development is a game changer for me in many therapy and coaching sessions. I highly recommend this course to get a practical understanding of the underlying issues most adults struggle with.”

    Werner Pitzal, Psychotherapist, Business Coach

  • “I would encourage coaches to take a listen, to lay this next to their current interpretation of coaching development and listen for the clues for their own opportunities to add perspective.”

    Vic Okerlund, Leadership Development Coach

How it Works

This mastermind course will meet weekly for 4 weeks, with one retreat week between weeks 2 and 3 when no online class is held. Guided meditation is provided to scaffold your retreat week. Total duration of the course is 5 weeks. Classes will be 90 minutes long, led by Rob McNamara, held on the interactive Zoom video conference platform. All classes will be recorded and shared with participants.

Participants will receive membership in a private course website where they will submit weekly pre-work assignments, pose questions to Rob and each other, engage in discussion forums, and access the recordings of live classes and other support materials.

Live Class Schedule

  • Tuesday, November 22nd — 9 am MT
  • Tuesday, November 29th — 9 am MT
  • Tuesday, December 6th – Retreat Week, no live class
  • Tuesday, December 13th — 9 am MT
  • Tuesday, December 20th — 9 am MT

ICF Professional Accreditation

The Developmental Coaching Mastermind Course is currently under review by the International Coach Federation to be approved for CCEU credits. If approved, the course will qualify for 10 Core Competency CCEUs. Approval will be determined before the start date of the course on November 22nd.


This course will be capped at 20 participants.

5 Week Live Online Mastermind Course $1475

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Receive in-depth feedback through an audio review of your coaching plus and private coaching session with Rob

How the accelerator works:

  • You submit a 30-min audio recording of one of your recent client sessions to Rob.
  • Rob will review and analyze your audio, preparing targeted coaching feedback for you based on your audio.
  • You and Rob will meet for a 30 min coaching session together, where Rob will provide you with focused personal feedback on your audio session to support your developmental coaching.

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