Next Stage Facilitation Online Course

Next Stage Facilitation™ develops leaders and facilitators capable of working in fluid and creative ways with a wide range of complex group dynamics.

This online course provides an orientation to the main ingredients of an “integral approach to facilitation”, from the IF pathway. This online course includes the same materials as the live 3-day Next Stage Facilitation live training, plus personalized coaching support. 

This is a prerequisite for the Integral Facilitator Certificate Program and an alternative to the 3 day live Next Stage Facilitation Intensive.


Tuition:  $1,095 USD

Group Discounts: 5% off for groups (same company, organization or family) of 2 or more, use NSGroup coupon at checkout and add names in the memo field.

Online Course Overview

Our learning objectives: 

Facilitator Role and Neutrality

  • What is facilitation? What is neutrality?
  • What is the role of an unbiased mind and what supports the ability to flex-flow?

Awareness & Presence

  • Where inner meets outer.
  • Intention and attention.
  • Presence, awareness, effectiveness and impact.


The Three Orienting Perspectives

  • Perspective taking as a marker of development.
  • Experience the three primary perspectives.
  • Three communication skills.

Evolution, energy and the desire to grow

  • Human development and evolution.
  • The role of desire.
  • Resistance to change: obstacles and competing commitments.

Sameness and Difference

  • Build energetic coherence and create sustainable culture.
  • Using the energy of diversity for creativity.

The Integral Map

  • Elements of the Integral map.

Who Participates?

Next Stage Facilitation attracts leaders and managers, intra- and entrepreneurs, facilitators, consultants, coaches, psychologists and therapists, social innovators, and educators.

People who join Next Stage:

  • Are already in a position of facilitating others, even if it is not formal.
  • Actively participate in their own lifelong learning.
  • Are willing to venture into the unknown in order to grow.
  • Meet people where they are and invite greater vision and growth.
  • Value mindfulness practice and meditation as a pathway for becoming more awake.

Why Next Stage?

Leaders, consultants and facilitators who create thriving cultures and fulfilling collaborations are:

  • Clear about their own purpose and intention
  • Highly adaptive and fluid
  • Nuanced in their perceptual and relational skills
  • Willing to take risks and respond creatively in the moment
  • Practiced in maintaining stable, grounded presence

Next Stage offers a curriculum that integrates four domains of knowledge and practice:

  • Awareness practice—Zen
  • Adult developmental psychology
  • Facilitator skills & techniques
  • Integral theory

As a Next Stage Online Course participant, you will practice:

  • How to listen and respond spontaneously
  • Working in an integral way with groups
  • Relating to challenging emotions
  • Integrating multiple perspectives as they arise
  • Generating trust and safety in the room
  • Meeting expectations in a fluid way
  • Creative risk taking
  • Working with fear and shadow
  • Maintaining stable open awareness
  • Perceiving and responding to subtle dimensions of group process
  • Facilitating from a place of not knowing
  • Increasing your skills in each of the four domains of facilitation

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for people with experience leading or facilitating groups. It is not a foundational skills program and therefore is not suitable for those looking for an introduction to facilitation methods.

As a Next Stage Facilitation Online Course participant, you will learn:

  • How to maintain presence in the face of challenging situations.
  • How to notice and work with group energetics.
  • How to build connection and work with tension to deepen coherence and intimacy.
  • How to bring an Integral approach to your work with others.

Yes, although each profession has different standards. We can work with you to provide the agenda and CEU hours. Depending on your registrar or professional organization’s requirements, you may have to repackage the information about our training. We cannot guarantee that it will be accepted, but we will gladly provide you with the required information about the course that will support your application.

What to Expect

The course & coaching includes:

  • Instruction and feedback from experienced master facilitators
  • Applied practice experience
  • Individualized developmental learning pathways
  • In-the-moment facilitation teaching that “lifts the veil” on what facilitators are seeing, sensing and responding to in the group
  • Support and challenge exercises to clarify intention and purpose
  • Instruction on bringing an Integral approach to facilitation
  • Integrated curriculum and practice from four distinct areas: Developmental Theory, Facilitation Techniques, Integral Theory, and Zen Awareness


Rebecca Ejo Colwell

Rebecca Ejo Colwell

IF Co-founder

Alana Felt

Alana Felt

IF Training Staff

Cindy Lou Golin

Cindy Lou Golin


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