IF Community of Practice & Facilitation Series

This is a specially curated practice community exclusively for graduates of the IF path - all grads from Next Stage, Advanced Praxis, and Certified Integral Facilitators are welcome.

This new IF Community of Practice will focus on high engagement and learning for everyone, at any point on their IF journey.

A Facilitation Practice Series

The backbone of the CoP will be a monthly live online 90 minute Facilitation Practice experience.

These sessions are focused on having “hot topic” conversations in a carefully designed format that liberates us to participate with ease while learning a great deal about facilitating these challenging topics.

What do we mean by "hot"?

Past conversations included removal of historic statues, and gender pronouns, vaccinations, and migration. (What important conversations need to happen in your world, that feel charged and daunting?)

You'll recall that on the IF path, we engage the whole person, the spoken and unspoken, and dare to take risks to surface differences as well as sameness.

Every session includes:

a REAL conversation +

live facilitation COACHING +

A group DEBRIEF at the end

Your participation in the Facilitation Practice will:

Who is it for

This community of practice is right for all facilitative leaders at all stages of their practice on the IF path.

If you have graduated from our foundation program, Next Stage Facilitation, this is for you.

If you are a Certified Integral Facilitator®, this is for you, too.

This is about belonging to a potent community, dropping into an enjoyable practice that keeps you at your learning edge, and engaging in and sharing your love of learning.

IF Community of Practice includes:

IF CoP Practice Details:

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Annual Plan: (best value) IF Hub & 9 sessions: $540
3 month IF Hub & 3 sessions: $195

Practice is on Monday 12:00 - 1:30pm ET
Payment terms are available upon request, at cost.

The CoP is meant to be accessible to all regardless of financial circumstance. You will be able to select a contribution amount that fits your circumstances even if it is lower than these amounts.

Questions? Shoot us a note anytime at: programs@tendirections.com

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Work with one of our coaches

Get the most out of your course investment

You will receive the course: including 4.5 hours of videos, course materials from each of the 6 modules and a three session coaching process. Your coach will help you to develop your skills and address specific challenges you’re facing. They provide tailored, one-on-one support in how to negotiate some of the most complicated issues facing you and your team, and build lasting capacity. Receive personalized support for learning, making key distinctions and application: • Three sessions with your Ten Directions coach • Supportive skills practice and feedback • Multimodal learning • An accountability structure to keep the learning process focused and efficient Coaching sessions are scheduled at your convenience, following module 2, 4 and 6. 3 Coaching Sessions plus the Inclusion 2.0 Course

$1,200 (normally $1,800)