The Art of Advanced Listening


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This four hour audio program includes eight 30-minute audio sessions, each featuring unique practice instructions:

  • What is Listening?
  • Common Mistakes in Listening
  • Integrative Listening
  • Curiosity, Not Knowing and Openness in Listening
  • Selflessness, Meditation and Advanced Listening
  • Ideological Constructs for Building Awareness and Discernment
  • Listening and The Deep Four
  • Bonus Practice Support: Obstacles to Listening

“The Art of Advanced Listening” is designed to help you create powerful attunement at the heart of each coaching relationship.

You will learn how to:

  • Go beyond the two most common mistakes in listening
  • Gain more insights and information from coaching sessions
  • Create a more meaningful coach-client relationship
  • Use integrative listening to foster intimacy and distinction
  • Become a selfless listener
  • Overcome the most prevalent obstacles to deep listening


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The Art of Advanced Listening is a downloadable course. Each course is sold individually to each customer.

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    Rob McNamara’s course, The Art of Advanced Listening, reflects a deep understanding of how we inadvertently skew what we hear from others. His course provides practical methods for discerning our listening filters and developing the capacity to listen more objectively, an essential skill for all coaches.

    ‎Ian Matheson
    Senior Faculty Member
    Canada School of Public Service
    Master Integral Coach‎

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