Shadow Play for Coaches

Learn from Dr. Cindy Lou Golin, Integral Facilitator faculty member and leadership coach from her recorded webinar on shadow. 

We often think of shadow work as dark and mysterious, but it can be playful, uplifting, and practical. Using a quick shadow assessment technique, you can learn more about how to know if shadow is present and ways to lift it and shift it. Cindy Lou’s Shadow play is a light-hearted, yet meaningful approach to shine light on your disowned aspects and enjoying being more of who you are. You can discover shadow play opportunities in mundane daily activities, as well as in your most courageous heartfelt dreams. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in shadow practice as well as explore how to apply shadow work in your coaching practice with others.

Learn More About:

–> What is shadow?
–> How do you know if shadow is present?
–> How to engage shadow play with yourself and your clients.

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Shadow Play for Coaches Webinar with Dr. Golin


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Dr. Cindy Lou Golin is a life coach, leadership coach and business consultant with over 15 years experience in the field of personal and spiritual growth. She offers an expansive repertoire of techniques designed to support clients in expressing even more of who they are and living their heartfelt dreams.

Dr. Golin specializes in shadow practice, having created, modified and adapted over one hundred shadow play techniques to facilitate greater self-awareness and enhanced quality of life. Among other degrees and certificates, Dr. Cindy Lou Golin has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Master’s in Spiritual Psychology. Cindy Lou is faculty member and coach in the Integral Facilitator Certificate Program and is launching an 8-week course on Shadow Play in 2018.

What others have to say:

Dr. Cindy Lou Golin is the perfect combination of a deeply educated, highly trained teacher and a powerfully generous listener. Rare in this world. If you have a chance to work with her, do NOT pass that chance up.

Steve Chandler, Author / Coach, Reinventing Yourself

Cindy Lou got me results faster than any other life coach I’ve seen… Besides being one of the most qualified life coaches in the industry, getting coaching from Cindy Lou was a fun and pleasurable experience. I highly recommend her.

James Roche, Marketing Consultant

I began working with Cindy Lou because I wanted to experience more intimacy in my relationships. Right away, she challenged me to see how much I first needed to experience that intimacy with myself.  During our calls, we laughed more than I expected and I always felt safe enough to let my guard down (not easy for me!). I always finished our sessions feeling a sense of wonder and excitement about life. Throughout our time together, she showed me to how to listen to myself and really trust my own inner voice. I highly recommend taking time to work with Cindy Lou!  My guess is that your life will be forever changed in amazing ways. 

Gracy Obuchowicz, Women's Life and Leadership Coach

Cindy Lou Golin helped me transition my whole life to a place where I have work I love, amazing relationships with my family, friends and husband, and where I live in the city of my dreams. She is clear, fun and has a huge heart. In my work with her, I learned to trust my inner compass and to show up wholeheartedly for all of life, even the difficult, challenging parts. Her work is powerful. I could not recommend her more!

Lucy F., Writer / Editor

Cindy Lou’s coaching left a lasting positive impact… I find her quality of presence, attentiveness, precision in zooming into my underlying challenges, and the powerful practice she offered super helpful.

Atta Emami, Project Manager & Consultant

My work with Dr. Golin has been so transformational that after just two sessions my mother asked if I started taking medication.

Anonymous Client

The opportunity to work with Cindy Lou Golin was exceptionally helpful on multiple levels.  She was intuitively able to identify my essential needs and develop strategies that we individually tailored in ways that helped me to reach my fullest potential in my work in and in my relationships.  After working with Cindy Lou, I feel that I now have an expanded vision for my life.

Kathryn T., Artist

To be with Cindy Lou in her coaching is such an energetic boost. She takes whatever I struggle with and transforms it to a more doable and often joyful task. I always leave the coaching feeling expanded as a human being and with a smile on my face. Cindy Lou´s capacity to attune to what is beneath is amazing. Genius and practical, her intelligent shadow work has helped me transform and include the more dark sides of life.

Nina Jensen, Organizational Psychologist

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