1.Ten Directions, Integral Facilitator and Fourth Wave Strategy Inc., a for-profit corporation, located at 41 Appian Way, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada (“Sponsor”) offers retreats and other events at its physical location, online courses, and elsewhere (the “Program”) which are taught/facilitated/supervised by various individuals, including but not limited to Diane Musho Hamilton and Rebecca Ejo Colwell ( “Teachers”). (Sponsor, Teachers and Program are collectively referred to as “Releasees” hereinafter.)

2. You are a participant in the “Willing to Feel” online course that runs from April 25th to June 13th, 2017. The Releasees require release from the Releasor (“Participant”) for uses of audio-visual recordings of the course. No audio or video of Participant will be included in the Product unless a release has been granted.

3. Participant gives this release to Releasees according to the following understanding, conditions and limitations:

4. Participant has been informed and understands that Releasees may be producing an audio and/or video of the Program and that Participant’s recorded voice and/or likeness may be made a part of that production [“Product”].

5. Participant grants Releasees and its or their designees the right to use Participant’s voice and/or likeness and name as embodied in the Product whether recorded on or transferred to videotape, film, audiotapes, or other media of any kind, now known or later developed. This grant includes without limitation the right to edit, mix or duplicate and to use or re-use the Product in whole or part as Releasees may elect so long as the moral rights of Participant are respected by ensuring the integrity and intention of the Participant contribution is preserved. Participant will be granted reasonable opportunity to decline having recorded section published in the Product when audio or video involves sensitive or confidential subject matter shared by Participant. Releasees or its or their designee shall have complete ownership of the Product in which Participant’s voice and/or likeness appears, including copyright interests but excluding moral rights, and Participant acknowledges that they forfeit any interest or ownership in the Product or its copyright.

6. Participant also grants Releasees and its or their designees the right to broadcast, exhibit, market, sell and otherwise distribute the Product, either in whole or in parts, and either alone or with other products, for any commercial or non-commercial purposes that Sponsor or its designees in their sole discretion may determine. This grant includes the right to use the Product for promoting or publicizing any of the uses.

7. Participant confirms that they have the right to enter into this Agreement, that they are not restricted by any legal commitments to other parties, and that Releasees have no financial commitment or obligations to Participant as a result of this Agreement. Participant hereby give all clearances, copyright and otherwise (within the limitations noted), for use of their voice and/or likeness embodied in the Product. Participant expressly agrees to release and indemnify Releasees and its and their officers, employees, agents and designees from any and all claims known and unknown, including but not limited to those based on libel, invasion of privacy or violation of any right of publicity, arising out of or in any way connected with the above granted uses and representations. The rights granted Sponsor herein are perpetual and worldwide. This consent shall be irrevocable and unconditional, and is entered into with Participant’s full knowledge and understanding of the consequences of granting this consent. 
This consent is conditioned on Releasees upholding their obligation to ensure Participant will be provided reasonable opportunity to preview material of a sensitive or confidential nature and the moral rights of Participant remaining intact.

Participant has carefully read this Agreement and agrees to be bound by it. If any portion of this Release shall be held invalid under any applicable law, those parts that are not held invalid shall continue in full force and effect. This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties and may not be modified except by a writing signed by both parties. No other representations or promises have been made to induce Participant to sign this Agreement. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Nova Scotia and Canada.