21 Days to Meeting Mastery

Become a human-centric leader.

Move beyond mere agenda-keeping and create an environment that leaves your team feeling confident, competent, and connected every time you meet.

21 Day to Meeting Mastery Email Course


Most meetings suck... they don't have to.

If we’re being honest, most meetings feel draining, directionless, and admittedly like a waste of time. When your team can’t effectively communicate and you’re unable to keep people engaged, not only will people stop showing up, in the long run you may even lose your most valuable contributors. 

To make matters even worse, without a consistent role model of an effective facilitator, your team may even start to lost faith meetings altogether, ultimately threatening their ability to unite towards a shared vision.

But what if you could change that? What if you had the skills and the know-how to create a meeting environment where people felt seen heard, and appreciated. What if you could make your team feel confident, competent, and connected, every time you meet?

Welcome to “21 Days to Meeting Mastery,” a nearly effortless email course designed to help the modern hybrid leader do just that. In just 21 days, you’ll learn tried and true techniques to create a thriving meeting culture. An environment where everyone feels valued, trusted, and is excited to work together through their differences. 

In this streamlined, no-frills program, you’ll go from feeling meeting-averse to actually looking forward to your meetings as a place where members of a team know they can achieve more together than they could alone.

Are you ready to become a meeting master?

"After only the first two emails, I knew this course was already worth it. The 21 days course helped me realize that my dissatisfaction with meetings was not in vain. The accessible and digestible lessons helped me discover how to quickly add value as an active participant and feel more confident in how to facilitate meetings. I’ve walked away with a sense of how to define my meeting intention more skillfully and create a clear container that invites my team members to feel engaged, seen, and like we can creatively collaborate together to reach our shared goals."
Sandra Bershad
Creative Consultant
"The value of the written material and the way you laid it out was brilliant.
So succinct, so clear, and so direct. Well done!
Kelcy Benedict
Facilitation Plus

What you'll learn

This 21-day course provides a comprehensive set of easy-to-digest wisdom, distilled from thousands of meetings in Fortune 500 companies, public sector organizations, start ups, non-profits and initiatives of all kinds.

Takeaways after just 21 days:

How it Works

21 Daily Lessons, 10 min each, delivered right to your inbox

Over 10 additional resources, including downloadable tipsheets and self-assessments.

Revisit lessons, tools and resources in a private course site

What's Included

Self-Directed Course

Message From the Founder

Rebecca Ejo Colwell


Hi, I’m Rebecca. I’m a masterful integral facilitator, strategist and coach, co-creator of Integral Facilitator®, and the Founder of Ten Directions. For over thirty years, I have been facilitating and inspiring others to practice facilitative leadership and meet the challenges of a wide range of cultural, systems and social issues. I am one of two world experts in Integral Facilitation®.

My interest in facilitation and leadership dates back to childhood. At an early age, I remember being fascinated by how people got things done together. Witnessing how actively involved my parents were in our larger community, I consistently found myself wondering, “What happens in those conversations where the adults are talking, and what is it that ‘grown-ups’ do to make things happen?” 

The curiosity of a young inquisitive mind planted the seeds for a lifelong interest and exploration around leadership and a passion for discovering different ways individuals can create a more positive impact through working better, together.

After 30+ years working with leaders and organizations around the globe in literally tens of thousands of different meetings, I noticed a consistent trend. Organizations that called on me were struggling because (1) their leaders had never actually been taught the facilitative skills to effectively communicate, collaborate and confidently empower their teams and (2) because individuals lacked a proper role model and the “meeting know-how” they needed to work together towards their shared vision.

Time and time again, I saw large initiatives on the brink of collapse – and folks struggling to understand where it all went wrong. And I realized that one of the best places to diagnose organizational challenges was by assessing its meeting culture. 

That’s why I created “21 Days to Meeting Mastery,” because even though most meetings feel draining and directionless, I believe they can become the crucial place for us – in this hybrid world of work – to create more thriving relationships, more trust and creative contributions. Meetings can be elevated to be gatherings where people work together through their differences to achieve more together than they could ever do alone. 

I’ve helped leaders in Fortune 500 companies, public sector organizations, start-ups, non-profits, and initiatives of all kinds, discover the transformative power of collaboration and what becomes achievable when we are willing to work together through our differences. 

And now, with my Ten Directions team and this new course, we can help you catalyze inspired meeting culture that brings your shared vision and values to life.

21 Days to Meeting Mastery

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Your Developmental Edge

Learn to catalyze thriving meeting culture from the masterful leaders, facilitators and consultants at Ten Directions.
"In terms of facilitation, this is walking the talk. I am immensely grateful for so much learning and looking forward to more!"
Edivia Navarro
Film maker, Story Teller
"The program was extremely engaging and valuable. Just the resources alone were worth it already."
Lesley Antoun
Strategy Consultant

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