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We support thoughtful communications.

We observe that our world relies on effective communication. At the same time, each of us is subject to an overabundance of information. Sometimes, the sheer volume of demands on our attention detracts from the quality of our experience.

Ten Directions is committed to creating value that inspires, catalyzes and motivates others who are working to bridge the gap between our human condition and our human potential.

Our intent is to produce thoughtful, engaging and inspiring content that respects the dignity of our listeners and contributes value to their lives. We promise to treat your time, email inbox, and resources as we would like our own to be treated. We will strive for efficiency and quality in our communications. We are selective about what we endorse, who we partner with, and we will never sell or share subscriber information.

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You will receive the course: including 4.5 hours of videos, course materials from each of the 6 modules and a three session coaching process. Your coach will help you to develop your skills and address specific challenges you’re facing. They provide tailored, one-on-one support in how to negotiate some of the most complicated issues facing you and your team, and build lasting capacity. Receive personalized support for learning, making key distinctions and application: • Three sessions with your Ten Directions coach • Supportive skills practice and feedback • Multimodal learning • An accountability structure to keep the learning process focused and efficient Coaching sessions are scheduled at your convenience, following module 2, 4 and 6. 3 Coaching Sessions plus the Inclusion 2.0 Course

$995 (normally $1,200)