The Infinite Art of Facilitation™

exclusively for Chairs

Exclusively for CEO Chairs

A 6-month Integral Facilitator® learning journey.


Become an Exceptional Facilitative Chair

Join this award-winning developmental program, with advanced Integral Facilitation® practice, and master the infinite art of facilitation.

More facilitative mastery will allow you to generate “magnet group cultures”:

Learning Outcomes:

This learning journey focuses on the more nuanced and challenging aspects of facilitating peer advisory groups of CEOS, Key Executives and organizations. We believe that learning and experimenting with the most challenging group contexts is where we discover the greatest opportunities to cultivate truly exceptional facilitative leadership and truly exceptional groups. 

You will build on the Next Stage foundations where you started to see more, relate more and try out new moves. This learning journey will empower you with awareness, insight and confidence to work with the hidden and hard-to-name dynamics in groups, teams, and organizations.

Skills and capacities you’ll develop over the course of the six months:

Program Overview

The Ten Directions award-winning approach blends developmental psychology, mindfulness teaching & practice, advanced adult learning, Integral Theory and advanced group facilitation skills.

The unique practicum part of this program focuses on supporting your lived experience of facilitating, leading and guiding at your edge. You will select a practice area and will be supported to engage “in the wild” and practice with your chosen peer groups or organizations.

Elements of Your Integrated Learning Journey


Your learning journey launches with in-person intensives and a final summit - dates 2024-2025.


We focus on experiential practice with advanced skills and especially tough issues. Intense and immediately practical.


Start with an initial 1:1 coaching session to clarify your developmental focus and developmental coaching sessions throughout. Insights will guide your current and future way.


You will join a small group of peers for mutual inquiry, discussions and experimentation with advanced skills. Group learning is powerful in its own right, and groups also create the foundation for treasured long-term relationships.


You will engage in hands-on facilitation experiences in a dedicated focus area in your context/work. An IF Faculty member will partner with you to complete a review cycle of a facilitated session and you will receive precise and powerful feedback and mentoring.

*When offered separately, the standalone value of this element of the program is $4,000 USD.


You'll hone your skills by incorporating powerful feedback from masters and peers in a context designed specifically for your own rapid cycle of practice, feedback, and learning.


This is our center of action and a great space to share, ask questions, stay inspired, and network.

Questions about the Infinite Art of Facilitation training. Book a call with one of our Faculty members.

Join Our Exclusive Cohort of CEO Chairs

When we can observe mastery, are supported to experiment, and get precise and personalized feedback, we’re in our most generative zone of learning—the edge of support and challenge. 

We limit class size to ensure high-quality engagement as well as the personalized mentoring and coaching that supports mastery.

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Ten Directions was awarded
"Best Developmental Leadership Program 2023"
by Canadian Business Awards, Corporate Vision

Your Masterful Guides

Rebecca Ejo Colwell

Founder & principal

Rebecca is a talented integral facilitator, strategist and coach, co-creator of Integral Facilitator programs, and the CEO of Ten Directions. For over thirty years she has been facilitating, weaving, and inspiring others to practice facilitative leadership and meet the challenges of a wide range of cultural and social issues.

Lauren Tenney


Lauren is a Principal at Ten Directions, where she guides program design and communications. Her background includes immersion in Integral Theory, Adult Development, and transformative learning. She has trained as a mediator and is a Certified Integral Facilitator and Presence Based Coach.

Cléo Burke


Cléo Burke is a principal and senior consultant at Ten Directions, a Certified Integral Facilitator, Coach, Licenced Counseling Therapist, and Educator.


On average, you can expect one hour to two hours of practice or participation in the program elements,  per week over the seven months of the program. 

Yes, we will record these sessions and request that you view the recording, and then respond to reflection questions and post in the HUB (our private online forum).

Yes, if you complete the program requirements and demonstrate competence in the program competencies, you may earn the designation of Certified Integral Facilitator®. This is a rigorous designation that will require your dedication to both skill development as well as cultivating your own self-development. 

There will be supplemental resources provided throughout for your optional engagement, with occasional practices. This is not a scholarly program – it is largely experiential.

Questions about the Infinite Art of Facilitation training. Book a call with one of our Faculty members.

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Work with one of our coaches

Get the most out of your course investment

You will receive the course: including 4.5 hours of videos, course materials from each of the 6 modules and a three session coaching process. Your coach will help you to develop your skills and address specific challenges you’re facing. They provide tailored, one-on-one support in how to negotiate some of the most complicated issues facing you and your team, and build lasting capacity. Receive personalized support for learning, making key distinctions and application: • Three sessions with your Ten Directions coach • Supportive skills practice and feedback • Multimodal learning • An accountability structure to keep the learning process focused and efficient Coaching sessions are scheduled at your convenience, following module 2, 4 and 6. 3 Coaching Sessions plus the Inclusion 2.0 Course

$1,200 (normally $1,800)