The Great Village Conversations​

Togetherness in a time of transformation

Weekly conversations on FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS

The most acute secondary infection of this global pandemic? 


The antidote to this landscape of shifting information, not-knowing, and fear is a caring, curious, authentic and affectionate community. 

We all need this antidote of connection, and we need it promptly and frequently right now.

Stop holding your breath—come experience the relief of community, human goodness, enjoy the right amount of lightness of being.

Flip the burden of isolation into the discovery of a new source of fellowship.

Join these weekly conversations.

These facilitated conversations will follow an arc—the arc of any great hosted social gathering.

We’ll have enough structure so that we don’t feel lost, and enough spontaneity so that we don’t feel bored.

And we’ll practice the best of what we know how to do in groups, adapting and experimenting with new forms for fostering relational depth online.


"In trying times, feed people." - said someone wise.
Our food will be soul food.
Rich with humanity and generous with meaning and connection.

Click the button to register for your preferred time and you will receive an email with your access information, and a weekly password.


8:00-9:15 pm LONDON (BST) 

Beginning March 27th


7:00-8:15 pm BOSTON (ET)

Beginning March 28th


In our personal experience of threat and disruption, we can experience ourselves—suddenly, shockingly—as separate and vulnerable.

And yet, the reality is we are all part of a vast, great village. In choosing to respond to this crisis by wielding our human creativity in service of our well being and connection, we can live into our potential as a truly Great Village.


So, who are we connected to? Who is in our village?

We’re reaching around the globe with this question. Each Friday evening (timed for those located near GMT) and Saturday evening (timed for those in the Americas), we will host a Great Village Conversation on Zoom.


The container will be held by a blend of facilitators from the Ten Directions training team and Certified Integral Facilitators® who have worked with us in the past. 

Our facilitators and our participants may be different every week, but the commitment, values, and personality of every Great Village Conversation will reflect the true north of all of our work: Growing, together.

This program is free. Please share this invitation!

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