Application Process

Thank you so much for your interest in the IF Certificate Program

Certificate program participants represent a wide range of experience as leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, consultants and facilitators. Many participants have decades of professional experience behind them, while others are embarking on a new phase of their career and professional vocation.

Admission to the program is not dependent upon a quantity of professional experience, however applications are evaluated based on the clarity, depth and intention expressed in the application. Without exception, we have found that our program participants share a deep sense of purpose and view their leadership and facilitation work as a life-long calling. 

  • Applicants need not be formal facilitators but are encouraged to have demonstrated facilitation / facilitative leadership experience up to advanced levels. 
  • Desired applicants demonstrate social skills, emotional intelligence, and take an active interest in their own ongoing learning and transformation.

To apply, please complete these steps.

1st:  Fill in the application form (below).

2nd: Submit your completed application form by clicking on the SUBMIT button. On the next page, choose the red button to pay your deposit.

3rd: Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and pay your $500 DEPOSIT to begin the review process. Applications will not be reviewed unless you have accepted the Terms and Conditions and we have received the application deposit. Your deposit will be credited to your tuition if you are accepted.

4th: We will review your application, and you may be invited to an application interview.

Your application will be either approved and we will invoice you for the balance of program tuition (less your deposit), or your application will be turned down and your deposit will be promptly refunded.

If you have not participated in the three-day Next Stage Facilitation program (highly recommended), you will be automatically registered in the Next Stage Bridging online self-directed course at no cost to you.