Communicating for Trust and Impact

Welcome to our digital course bundle “Communicating for Trust and Impact” with Diane Musho Hamilton.  These 3 distinct and related courses form the foundation of essential tools and practices for mastery in leading ourselves and others.

The three courses included in this suite:

  • “In This Together:  Communications Wisdom for the World of Work”
  • “Freedom to Fight:  The Essential Skills for Transforming Conflict”
  • “Willing to Feel:  Essential Skills for Emotional Maturity”.


Alana Felt, the course director, has recorded a short welcome video to orient you to this online learning experience:

We’d like to give you a sense of what to expect here on this site.

On the right, you will find the menu listing each course.

When you go to each course link, you’ll see each weekly module for that particular course.  When you click on any given module, you’ll see:  

Course Teaching video:

The key resource in each module is the teaching video by Diane Musho Hamilton. You will see/hear the main teaching points for each module along with many different types of examples, illustrations, and opportunities for reflection.

Weekly Practices:

These exercises provide guidance to help you practice key skills and apply what you are learning in each module.

Weekly summary:

The downloadable summary of the module – in a pdf – outlines the highlights from the teaching. This will be a useful supplement to your own notes

Audio recordings:

These recordings correspond to the teaching and application videos for each module. You may listen to the audio or download the file to a device.

And in some modules, you will find bonus materials, readings and references!

Course Readings

We have prepared supplemental reading lists for each course, featuring suggested chapters from Diane’s book, Everything is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution. (The book is available on Amazon in physical and kindle formats.) as well as other books and resources relevant to each specific course.

FAQ about this course & website:

Is this site private? Yes, only you and other course participants can access this site and enjoy the course materials.
Can I share this with my friends? Um, nope. The course materials here are just for you, and others who paid for the course. Sharing the contents is a violation of copyright.
Who do I reach out to if I have a question? You can reach our team (Lauren and Alana) anytime at:

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