Developmental Coaching Mastermind Program

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Developmental Coaching Mastermind is a 10-week advanced professional practice program designed and led by Rob McNamara. Your Course Director is Lauren Tenney.

In this 10-week interactive learning experience, you can expect to:

  • Expand and Deepen your understanding of Adult Developmental Psychology as applied to Professional Coaching
  • Learn the primary drivers of development and how to develop targeted practices for clients that leverage these drivers
  • Learn the five patterns of meaning making and how to employ them in client-specific, appropriate interventions
  • Learn how to coach for both stability and variability in your clients’ development
  • Learn and refine the use of Interruptive & Joining Developmental Methods
  • Learn how to coach for strengthening boundary distinctions and growing confidence in your clients
  • Learn why “influence” and “freedom” are key levers for development and develop coaching interventions to address both aspects
  • Identify your own coaching blind spots and developmental opportunities

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