Willing to Feel: Essential Skills for Emotional Maturity (live)

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Willing to Feel is an 8 week online training led by award-winning mediator, Zen teacher, and author, Diane Musho Hamilton.

In this 8-week interactive learning experience, you can expect to:

  • Overcome the tendency to cling to emotional experiences.
  • Learn how to identify the wisdom in any emotion.
  • Go beyond the tendency to suppress or deny feelings.
  • Become comfortable entering challenging emotional terrain.
  • Develop emotional fluency with six primary emotions: Fear, Anger, Grief, Confusion, Longing, Jealousy.
  • Learn the 5-step practice for metabolizing an emotion.
  • Learn how to unpack complex emotions and work with contradictory feelings.
  • Increase your emotional fluency and range of motion.
  • Develop the courage and confidence to include emotion in service of creativity, innovation and collaboration.

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