with Diane Musho Hamilton

Master the skills that create strong relationships, thriving collaborations, and enliven everyone around you.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve trained hundreds of people around the world in the art and techniques of facilitative leadership and interpersonal dynamics. We’ve worked with leaders, entrepreneurs, mediators, psychologists, coaches, teachers, therapists and consultants—from their 20’s to their 70’s. All of whom want to refine and deepen the impact they can bring to the people they’re working with, because they know that their skills pave the way for what others can accomplish together.

Through all this, we've noticed a trend.

No matter how much power or authority you have, how much knowledge you’ve gained, or how many tools and methods you’ve studied—the impact you have will depend on the quality of your relationships and communication with others. Period. Without excellent communication and “people” skills, there’s always a limit on what other people are willing to do with you, and for you.
The good news is, these are human-to-human skills, and they can be learned and refined. In fact—they need to be.

Master the Skills that Bring People Together

Whether you’re driven by a desire to uplift the culture in your workplace, build deeper relationships with your clients, or simply bring more juice to your relationships at home, your communication skills are the starting point. They create the foundation for strong relationships that can handle the highs and lows along the way.

Together with acclaimed conflict resolution expert, mediator, and facilitator Diane Musho Hamilton, we’ve created an online training that focuses on the highest leverage skills that really transform the way people interact in their everyday lives.

This 9-module online training will help you develop the most significant attributes of wise, compassionate and effective communication:

  • Impact — Relate to others with clarity and presence. Compel more attention and wield more influence.
  • Empathy — Increase trust and understanding for more effective collaboration.
  • Confidence — Stay in relationship in the midst of tense and challenging conversations.
  • Perspective — Leverage diverse points of view for more sophisticated and creative discussions.
  • Insight — Get more quickly to the heart of what’s really going on.
  • Enjoyment — Keep discussions energized, enjoyable, and on point.
  • Wisdom — Make conflicts a source of creativity and depth.
  • Growth — Create safe, energized spaces that accelerate growth and learning.

Here's what you'll receive during the course:

9 recorded video classes with Diane Musho Hamilton

Classes feature teaching from Diane, introducing you to the essential skills and concepts on this topic.

8 recorded application Q&A videos with Diane

Featuring practices and Q&A with Diane, offering a deeper dive into actual communications challenges and applications by others who have taken the course.

Downloadable videos and audios of all classes

You'll receive both the video form, and downloadable audio, so you can watch later on, or listen on the go—whatever works for you.

Membership in a private course learning platform

You'll have access to all downloadable course materials plus peer forums through our new streamlined course website.

Written summaries of weekly class content

If you want to review what was covered at any time, you'll be able to access and download a summary for each module.

Free Membership in The School of Human Being

Access to lively online discussions, free content to advance your practice, new thought leadership, and a growing international community of amazing people.

Allow us to introduce Diane Musho Hamilton—a teacher and mentor to many of the most exceptionally talented people we know. Diane is the co-founder and lead trainer of Integral Facilitator programs, which are the heart of our in-person trainings at Ten Directions. Diane is exceptionally gifted in the realm of group dynamics and interpersonal subtlety, and as a teacher, she brings warmth, humor, spontaneity and wisdom to everyone she teaches.

Meet Your Teacher — Diane Musho Hamilton

Thousands of people around the world have benefitted from the extraordinary depth and skill of Diane Musho Hamilton’s teachings. Diane is an exceptionally gifted mediator, master facilitator, author, trainer, and consultant. As a mediator, she is well known as an innovator in dialogues, especially conversations about culture, religion, race and gender relations. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards for her work in this area, including the Peter W. Billings Award from the Utah State Bar, the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution Peacekeeper Award, the Judicial Administration Award and Friend of the Court. Diane is also the 2016 recipient of the Brigham Young University Peacekeeper of the Year Award. She is the Co-Founder of the acclaimed Integral Facilitator Training Program.

Diane is the author of two books, Everything is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution and The Zen of You and Me and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review.

High Praise for Diane’s Online Course,

I loved the course! In my work as change advisor, I design, guide and support positive change at micro, organizational and macro levels. For years now I’ve noticed that the amount and speed of change requires new practices and new skills. In a nutshell these are definitely the 21st century skills that In This Together offers for change leaders and collaborators to be successful together.
Rhonda St. Croix
This course has improved my awareness and facileness around communication and therefore relationships, which in turn increases my courage in communication and relations. Invaluable impact.
Julie Crawford
As a coach, teacher and facilitator I feel much more equipped, embodied with more nuances, skills and muscles to tap into What is here now!!!
Isaac Olive
I felt like the course did more than just present more information. It engaged me in a way that has already had tangible positive impacts in how I interact with and relate to the people around me. Thank you!
Gabe Clark
Diane’s broad knowledge, quick thinking, and profound way of speaking and conveying her thoughts are unique and amazingly effective!
Camilla Giunchetti
I loved how this course helps me hear unspoken messages of others and respond in ways that advance mutual understanding. This course is for people who want to learn what it takes to reconcile what may seem like opposing perspectives, between individuals, within groups and even within societies. You learn both by practicing and observing Diane Musho Hamilton, whom I consider to be a master in combining the intellectual, emotional and physical dimensions of communication.
Ian Matheson

What You'll Learn, Module by Module

Module 1: Relating to Others with Presence and Intention
Compel more attention and wield more influence
  • Develop grounded, confident, yet adaptable presence.
  • Clarify your role and intention.
  • Instill confidence in others.
Module 2: Listening with openness, reflecting with feeling
Increase trust and understanding for more effective collaboration.
  • Use listening to deepen rapport.
  • Identify your listening style.
  • Learn how to listen without agenda or bias.
  • Distinguish listening from agreement.
  • Listen when you’re being challenged.
  • Reflect understanding with empathy.
Module 3: Embodying clear, congruent, and direct communication
Stay in relationship in the midst of tense and challenging conversations.
  • Bring body, speech and mind together.
  • Generate a clear message.
  • Include doubt and confusion as part of your communication.
  • Support others to be clear and direct.
  • Include and name feelings.
Module 4: Bring more perspectives to the table
Leverage diverse points of view for more sophisticated and creative discussions
  • Learn and practice openness to other perspectives.
  • Find value in differences.
  • Work with your own biases & preferences.
  • Learn how to privilege perspectives without marginalizing.
Module 5: Cultivating the art of precise questioning
Get more quickly to the heart of what’s really going on.
  • Understand the purpose and value of skilled inquiry.
  • Discover the value of a well placed question.
  • Broaden your approach to questioning.
  • Identify what people really want and need.
Module 6: Feeling and Emotion in Communication
Keep discussions energized, enjoyable, and on point.
  • Identify what kind of contributor you are.
  • Practice techniques to improve the quality of the conversation.
  • Deal with negative behaviors.
  • Increase humor, engagement and investment.
Module 7: Working with Conflict
Make conflicts a source of creativity and depth.
  • Identify your conflict style.
  • Lower your fear of conflict.
  • Find the intelligence the conflict.
  • Learn to use conflict as a source of creativity and change.
Module 8: Giving and Receiving Feedback
Create safe, energized spaces that accelerate growth and learning.
  • Create a context that can support challenge.
  • Challenge with generosity.
  • Practices for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Using 3 degrees of challenge.
  • Using 5-phase feedback scale.
Module 9: Increasing the Enjoyment Factor
Keep discussions energized, enjoyable, and on point.
  • Identify what kind of contributor you are.
  • Practice techniques to improve the quality of the conversation.
  • Deal with negative behaviors.
  • Increase humor, engagement and investment.

Praise for Diane as a Teacher

Working with Diane Hamilton has grown my awareness of the subtlety at work at any relationship. I’ve learned to facilitate a wider range of participation and connection, I have a new understanding of my influence in every conversation and how to to make it count, and I have grown my capacity to be a YES to what comes.
Maria Bailey
Facilitator & Artist
Diane’s mastery in relating and communicating, plus her skill in helping others “see” was exactly what I was searching for. Training with her has catapulted me to another level of skill.
Amy Pasquale
Consultant & Coach
Diane makes the unseen seen. Every time I work with Diane I am improved. It’s like going for a personal renovation—I look and sound better coming out than when I went in!
Gregor Bingham
Integral Master Coach ™
Studying with Diane Musho Hamilton has changed my perspective on how I relate to groups and how I communicate with them. Be it in a Board Room setting, or in a one-on-one conversation, I feel that I see more clearly what’s happening, I have access to more information, and above all, I am more present in the immediacy of what’s going on. I highly recommend this to any Change Leaders/Consultants, facilitators, coaches, and anyone who is in the business of helping others.
Atta Emami
Whether it's with family, friends, or in the workplace, when you have the ability to connect and communicate well you have the ability to create stronger and more resilient relationships. And our world needs more people with these skills, and more people who can meet the challenges of communicating and connecting with grace, wisdom, and clarity. Join us.

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