Pete Strom


Certified Integral Facilitator. Pete is an an entrepreneur and collaborator, He has co-created seven restaurant concepts, and co-founded energy efficiency and angel investing companies. He’s a Licensed clinical professional counselor with a masters in human development. He has designed and facilitated interactive TEDx events as well as giving a challenging TEDx talk. He’s passionate about his family, playing hockey & tennis, facilitating transformative experiences, creating deliberately developmental organizations, Integral Theory, and Zen practice.

Integral Facilitator® Certificate Program

The Integral Facilitator® Certification is a 9-month professional training program in the advanced competencies of facilitative leadership and masterful facilitation.

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Custom Program Delivery

Our team of highly trained consultants is available to help your organization develop the competencies that drive successful collaboration and agile innovation. We also offer customized Integral Facilitator® trainings for your organization.

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Next Stage Facilitation 3 Day Intensive

Next Stage Facilitation Intensives are 3-day workshops introducing the core competencies of an Integral approach to facilitation and facilitative leadership.

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Flex Flow Facilitation

Flex-Flow Facilitation Labs are online workshops and dialogues that explore new emerging perspectives on human collaboration, performance, behaviour, energetics and adult development together with the field of group work and facilitative leadership.

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