Ten Directions Programs

Integral Facilitator® programs offer the premiere developmental pathway for experienced leaders, facilitators, coaches, and consultants to excel in working with the subtleties of human interaction and decision making.

Next Stage Facilitation™ 3-day Intensives introduce participants to the core competencies of an Integral approach to facilitation. Upon completion, Next Stage Intensive graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the 9-month Integral Facilitator® Certificate Program.

Integral Facilitator® Certificate Program is open to practitioners who seek a deeper level of mastery in bringing an Integral approach and a flex-flow way of being to their work with groups and collaborative initiatives. Upon successful completion of the Certificate Program, graduates are certified.

Integral Facilitators® are the certified graduates of the certificate program. They join the Integral Facilitator® Practice Community, our global network of seasoned Integral Facilitators®, a core group of professionals capable of working with the depth, multi-dimensions, and complexity of groups

Graduates are eligible to participate in specially-designed advanced Integral Facilitator® workshops informed by the Practice Community’s needs, and may apply to participate in the Certificate Program as IF Mentors.



Robin Cohen Reinach
Writer & Editor

“Diane Hamilton is an amazing role model for Integral embodiment.  She radiates wisdom and compassion.  A rare teacher with a rare gift.  Generous and authentic.  I love Diane!!”