Rebecca Ejo Colwell


Rebecca Ejo Colwell

Co-founder, Integral Facilitator Certificate Program and IF Pathway Founder and CEO Ten Directions

Rebecca is a talented integral facilitator, strategist and coach, with a passion for the power of collaboration.

For over thirty years she has been facilitating and inspiring others to practice facilitative leadership and meet the challenges of a wide range of cultural and social issues.

After earning her Masters of Business Administration in 1992, she founded Fourth Wave Strategy Inc., an integrally informed strategic management firm. Over the last two decades, Rebecca has become a well-known innovator for design and facilitation of multi-stakeholder strategy development and multi-disciplinary projects that cross organizational boundaries in public, private and not-for-profit sectors in North America. She has led many “firsts” in system and organizational initiatives related to better futures for health, energy, design in business, culture production, natural and cultural heritage, and economic development. In 2008, she founded Open Field, an integral leadership development practice for women.

Rebecca’s warm, playful and irreverent style is grounded in her deep trust of what is, and a tenacious curiosity about what might be possible. As a certified Integral development coach, she offers this presence and perspective to developing leaders and leadership teams.

Rebecca is an ordained monk and Zen student of Musho Sensei, in the Soto Zen tradition, since 2007, and she is empowered as an Integral Dharma Holder by Diane Musho Hamilton.

Rebecca is the co-founder of Integral Facilitator®.

Rebecca is a contributor to the Integral Leadership Review, the International Association of Facilitators IAF Global publications, and featured guest blogger on Pyxis-Tech.

She’s been named to August’s List of Women Leaders: innovators on the topics of self-management, the future of work, new models of leadership, responsive organizations, and new ways of working.

Recent Blog posts by Rebecca Ejo Colwell

What’s the flavor of your collaboration?

As culture and society continue to evolve, our approach to collaboration must also evolve.

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Meeting Complexity with Receptivity

Recently I have been facilitating a group of 22 leaders that is about to begin a major transformative process. A newly configured team, they are coming together via a recent integration of three different organizations to collaborate on an organizational renewal strategy to move into the next era. When we …

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Being a Tuning Fork for Collective Intelligence

An excerpt from “Will the Next Buddha be a Sangha? Responding to the Call to Influence the Future of Collaboration” published in Integral Leadership Review, January-February 2015 In the early 2000s I was retained to lead a cross-border merger integration project for a major utility. This was an extremely challenging and …

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