Namibia Donadio
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It helped me learn to see the medicine in the conflict. To literally and figuratively speak to the limiting thoughts in my own mind.
Christy Deere
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A quick dose of deep and supportive learning to become a more impactful facilitator.
Sergio Rojas
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A great opportunity to practice the art of taking/managing different perspectives and understanding in practice that no one perspective covers everything but each perspective contains a valid part of the whole.
Michael Mugaku Zimmerman
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Amazing opportunity to meet diverse group of people under circumstances and skilled guidance that invites expansive and dynamic investigation of aspects of self and others, together.
Lisa Gibson
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A powerful container for growth, risk taking and friend-making.
Miriam van Groen
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New layers of profound depth when going back to basics.

Next Stage Facilitation™ 3-day training is for people who want to become more authentic, spontaneous, and responsive facilitative leaders.


Our Learning Objectives

  • Understand how influence is driven by presence and way of being 
  • Inform your presence with a revitalized practice in group dynamics, facilitation, and interpersonal intelligence
  • Expand your perception of yourself as a leader, your impact in the room, and your potential for shaping group experience

Is this you? How to know you’re ready for Next Stage

  • I sometimes feel hesitant, awkward, or uncertain when guiding groups. I want greater ease and flow in myself as an experience leader.
  • I’m starting to feel stagnant in my methods and techniques. My practice feels too polished and not alive enough. 

  • I am ready to expand into new territory.

  • When conflict arises, I often feel frozen, confused, overwhelmed, or too uncertain to act. I want to hone my instincts and responsiveness.

  • I want the clarity to discern what is really going on in any given room. The study of group dynamics and facilitation feels murky and unclear, and I need a fresh eye.

  • My field of vision often narrows when guiding a group — the agenda had become too paramount, or group dynamics too deeply-rooted — and too often, I am not able to guide the group to discover what is really going on under the surface. I want techniques for holding the room while dealing with challenge and resistance.

The Learning: Next Stage Capacity

  • Become proficient at playing at the edges of innovation and uncertainty
  • Become the guide that helps groups emerge together into what is new
  • Bring forward hidden, untapped, or controversial perspectives that help fuel group discoveries 
  • Rejuvenate a room by addressing what is exciting or even threatening (and often both)
  • Be more attuned and responsive to spoken and unspoken feedback
  • Calibrate the ‘heat’ in the group, and know how to soothe and repair
  • Go off-script to adapt in the moment, following energy to sustain engagement
  • Guide and influence others while including your own personal values and experience
  • Intervene to increase trust and connection

In Person: Dublin, June 26 - 28

Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin

Tuition:   $1,650 USD

Why is Next Stage Facilitation becoming a new standard for leadership today?

When people gather to solve a problem, make bold steps toward an opportunity, or enact big and exciting change together—the group dynamics in the room can either help or hinder forward motion.

If you are a guide, leader, or convenor of groups of any size, your presence and way of being are the ground on which all of your expertise can flourish. Yet too often, we grade our presence with our array of tools, frameworks, methodologies, or curriculum vitae. We use what we ‘know’ about being with others as a confidence boost or license—and too often, it becomes a wall—rather than attuning ourselves to how we show up.

At some point in the journey towards mastery, our amassed ‘expertise’ must become secondary to who we are in relationship with ourselves and others. Our influence is not an extension of our credentials, but of our presence.

This live, three-day workshop is designed for those who guide groups of any size inside or outside an organization. It is a growth-oriented, expansive immersion on new modes of intervention along the path to greater influence.

  • Be a highly adaptive, fluid, and creative convenor
  • Bring nuance to your perceptual and relational skills
  • Be a stable, grounded, energizing presence in the midst of complexity

This program is right for facilitative leaders and guides at all stages of their career and practice. You are a facilitative leader if you:

  • Facilitate groups, formally or informally
  • Convene and guide gatherings of any kind
  • Work behind the scenes as a network influencer
  • Formally lead or weave initiatives, groups, and organizations

Our style of learning and practice will appeal to you if you:

  • Actively participate in your own lifelong learning
  • Are willing to venture into the unknown in order to grow
  • Seek out diversity and input that expands your perspective
  • Meet people where they are, inviting greater vision and growth
  • Value mindfulness practice and meditation as a pathway for becoming more awake
  • Enjoy experiential learning and spontaneity

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for people with experience leading or facilitating groups. However, you do NOT have to have previously taken “facilitation training”.  It is also NOT a foundational skills program and therefore is not suitable for those looking for an introduction to facilitation methods. 

Absolutely, practice is a core emphasis of all Integral Facilitator® programs. The three days are full of small group practice that offers you an opportunity to work with your own personal intention and developmental edge. This experience is complemented with live demonstrations and unique“pointing out” instructions that make the subtle dynamics and choices available to a more masterful facilitator visible to everyone. Just like a sports team reviewing the last play on the sidelines, you will have the opportunity to freeze frame and zoom in and out on the play-by-play of group interactions. You will also be engaged in small group facilitator practice as well as whole group facilitation demonstrations.

As a Next Stage Facilitation Intensive participant, you will learn:

  • How to maintain presence in the face of challenging situations.
  • How to work effectively with group energetics.
  • Methods for effectively building connection and working with tension to deepen coherence and intimacy.
  • How to engage tension, power dynamics, and conflict in a group.
  • How you are experienced by others.
  • How to bring an Integral approach to your work with others.

Meditative practice is incorporated into Integral Facilitator trainings in a variety of ways which include: optional daily sitting practice, “pop drops” where the group is invited to engage in a short meditative practice, meditative awareness exercises and Integral Facilitation Practices—customized daily personal practices that may also include meditation or practices that support meditative awareness.

Yes, although each profession has different standards. We can work with you to provide the agenda and CEU hours. Depending on your registrar or professional organization’s requirements, you may have to repackage the information about our training. We cannot guarantee that it will be accepted, but we will gladly provide you with the required information about the program that will support your application.

NEW: Group practice for more Mastery.  Participants may opt into the Next Stage Practice Group: a 3 month online practice group which provides support to integrate and deepen as they apply what they learned. Hosted by a Next Stage coach, this group enjoys meeting twice a month to catalyze more dynamic, creative and liberated way of working with groups. You’ll receive an invitation to join the next group at the intensive. 

What to Expect

Each 3-day Intensive Includes:

  • Instruction and feedback from experienced master facilitators 
  • Applied practice experience
  • Individualized developmental learning pathways
  • In-the-moment teaching that “lifts the veil” on what facilitators/faculty are seeing, sensing and responding to in the group
  • Support and challenge exercises to clarify your intention and purpose
  • Instruction on bringing an Integral approach to facilitation & your work in culture
  • Integrated curriculum and practice from four distinct areas: Developmental Theory, Facilitation Techniques, Integral Theory, and Zen Awareness
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Work with one of our coaches

Get the most out of your course investment

You will receive the course: including 4.5 hours of videos, course materials from each of the 6 modules and a three session coaching process. Your coach will help you to develop your skills and address specific challenges you’re facing. They provide tailored, one-on-one support in how to negotiate some of the most complicated issues facing you and your team, and build lasting capacity. Receive personalized support for learning, making key distinctions and application: • Three sessions with your Ten Directions coach • Supportive skills practice and feedback • Multimodal learning • An accountability structure to keep the learning process focused and efficient Coaching sessions are scheduled at your convenience, following module 2, 4 and 6. 3 Coaching Sessions plus the Inclusion 2.0 Course

$995 (normally $1,200