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Insights, essays, perspectives, and lessons learned while working in the field of facilitative leadership. Authors include our staff, as well as guest contributors.

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Rebecca Colwell

Facilitator’s Dilemma: Owning our mistakes

Today, I’d like to share some feedback on an interesting dilemma that’s come across my desk.   As you read this, see if you can find in your own experience a moment when this might have been true for you. You might also engage in thinking about your immediate response and whether you’re “listening to fix

Alana Felt

Innovation, Freefall and Not-Knowing

“The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is, there’s no ground.” ~Chögyam Trungpa A friend shared his definition of innovation with me the other day. Innovation, he said, means we are going somewhere new and when we innovate, we never know how we

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Rebecca Colwell

Navigating the Challenges of Virtual Mentorship

The rise of hybrid work has created significant upheaval within organizations, challenging established norms and inspiring the adoption of new practices.  This shift creates a prime opportunity to consciously create more human-centered practices that foster learning and growth. 

Rebecca Colwell

Five ways to pull the plug on overwhelm

The ability to support teams and groups to make sense of their worlds and coordinate around goals and projects has always been particularly important for organizations. And, with increasing levels of burnout and overwhelm influencing our capacity to be productive and agile, this kind of concern is being escalated into the C-suite.  Facilitative leadership has

Brent Byron Que

My confession has become my liberation

I have a confession: When I facilitate, I just wing it. It might come across as naïve, but this actually comes from a place of deepening my practice. Here’s my attempt to articulate the journey so far in (re)shaping my ‘how’, then (re)discovering my ‘why’. Many moons ago, when I was first called to facilitate,

Kareen Wong

The art of the container

Silence.  Everyone appears to be staring at me, or the floor. The air feels thick with everything that is not being said, and yet, silence.  “I’m curious what’s happening for everyone right now?” I venture. “What’s creating this moment of quiet?” More silence. I let it hang in the air, waiting (hoping) for someone to

Rebecca Colwell

Facilitator’s Dilemma: Dealing with an overbearing or demanding individual

Recently we sent out an invitation to you to share a challenging topic or dilemma that you were working with in your facilitation practice. We loved what came back to us – here’s one we felt moved to respond to: “My dilemma is around addressing an overbearing, demanding person who’s not receptive to feedback. Others are

Rebecca Colwell

Feedback: A facilitator’s dilemma

I was speaking to a friend the other day about a facilitative experience they were having with a group of leaders. I can relate to their experience – perhaps you can too? My friend said the session had been “a little rocky”. The story unfolded like this. This learning program is in its early days

Cléo Burke

Nurturing Resilient Cultures

Together we can cultivate the culture that is being called for and that we want – Where resilient collectives are fortified in their shared sense of belonging, hold faith in something vast and greater than themselves, prioritize both support and challenge, and celebrate the uniqueness each member brings.

Rebecca Colwell

What is Weaving Alignment?

I’d love to share an experience from a few years ago that illuminates how facilitative leadership was used to weave alignment and transform culture and relationships. I was consulting with a large corporation where conflict and tensions were brewing among senior management in three main areas of the organization. Their teams were feeling pressures from

Nikki Martin

The Compassionate Path: A journey towards true co-creation in facilitation

I came to the Next Stage Facilitation program as a yoga teacher and a teacher trainer.  As a woman of colour in an industry where I am often the only one in the room, I have become deeply passionate about bringing more diversity to yoga and to reaching more communities and people with the practice

Cléo Burke

Finding Ground

“Ground is the place to go when overwhelmed with thoughts and fears. It can hold our confusion with unwavering presence. We can source the earth’s formidable strength to connect with how these qualities live inside of us. In her timeless gaze, we open to the present; we slow down.” Kelsey Blackwell, Your Body is Your

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