The Awakened Takeover: A Manifesto

Rebecca Colwell

Rebecca Colwell

Rebecca is a leadership innovator, a thought leader in facilitative leadership and one of the world’s top two experts in Integral Facilitation. For the last decade, she’s been bringing her vision to life as the developer of the world’s premiere Integral facilitative leadership training, Integral Facilitator® and Next Stage Facilitation, with graduates in 5 continents.

If what you do every day is somehow trying to close the gap between the human condition and human potential, then you are already participating.

We are so aware of the many complex challenges unfolding on a global scale—rifts in how we get along, as well as disturbing patterns in how we are treating each other, other species and the planet—that we risk becoming numb.

Our purpose is to do everything in our power to grow authentic, facilitative, deeply present leadership we need to deal with these challenges.

Step into the room. Lead, facilitate, listen, and participate with your whole being. Become more spacious, more connected to the Mystery, and paradoxically, more grounded.

Be willing to be deeply touched and more optimistic.

I recently heard a compelling call. It said, “If you are awake, if you can hold more complexity, if you practice bringing greater consciousness to your world, then you are bound by a particular moral imperative. Use your consciousness to take awakened action.

  • Learn as many ways as you can to uncover interiors. Yours, mine, ours.
  • Notice and nurture the subtle connection between all of us. The relational field is where we build tensile strength.
  • If we are aware of higher truths, we must skillfully share them. There’s risk involved, and it takes courage.
  • Practice with structures and processes as if they will be the governing structures for future generations.

Raise the bar in your groups, teams, community, family.

Develop your excellence in working with subtleties of human interaction. Give voice to what is unsaid.

Grow yourself as a vehicle for transformation in culture. Undertake your own developmental learning process.

Work with what is. Begin from grounded presence.

Enliven dialogue to enrich participation. Take perspective, seek perspective.

Each act—a conversation, a group decision making process, a conflict resolved—offers the potential for an awakened takeover.

Begin now.

Rebecca Colwell
CEO, Ten Directions

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7 thoughts on “The Awakened Takeover: A Manifesto”

  1. Dearest Rebecca,

    Reading these words transmits their energy Presence deep into my being. I sense their truth….their goodness, and their beauty as WE speak in our growing community. Each act We perform in the external world begins first with an inner movement of awareness. So the question is ‘How aware Am I’ followed by ‘who is really Aware?……..this simple act of just becoming aware, it seems to me, begins the inner journey of discovery, courosity, and perhaps, even more profound, it begins the act of moment to moment change. My nine year old grandson has already, through small acts of this awareness, begun to see his world through a greater perspective and already senses some greater Presence. Amazing!

  2. Thank you for this Becky, a nice inspiration and reminder as I step in to facilitate a group this afternoon on listening to refine awareness of the subtle connections between us.

    1. You are very welcome Terra – this is very much arising from the IF certificate program and the demonstration of what awakened leaders are truly capable of and longing for. Good luck with your group!

  3. Thank you for the words and the message that bring into focus my desire to grow up and bring more of who I am into the world, while loosening the focus on the “little me”. I am inspired and given renewed courage in making my way forward.

  4. Thank you Rebecca for this reassurance that the clunky and ungraceful way in which I try to promote a collaborative, values based, evolution-oriented, and intersubjectively engaged culture at the nonprofit I work in. Oftentimes I encourage feedback, try to facilitate generative dialogue and point out people’s interiors, but get aprehensive stares and frozen postures. I like to think that these are the stumbles on the way to a more skillful facilitator but sometimes I think i’m simply in the wrong environment trying the wrong things.

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