Atta Emami

IF Program Team, 2016, 2017-18


Atta Emami is an Org. Change Consultant, Agile Strategist, & Leadership Coach who brings a blended mixture of leadership presence, business strategy, and advanced technology expertise to create highly efficient, agile, and lean technological organizations. Atta is a Certified Professional Integral Coach, a Certified Integral Facilitator, and a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher with over 20+ years of Business/IT leadership, a background in Business and Computer Science. Atta’s multidisciplinary background includes enterprise-wide Change Consulting, Project Portfolio Management and IT operations, Identity Access Management (IAM), public and private enterprise, transformative business leadership and executive coaching.

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For most of my career I’ve been involved in the Project and Program Management fields. In 2002, I attended the first PMI Certified Project Management